Last night we made some homemade koolaid playdoh with the kids.  :) .  I went off two recipes, and tweaked them - one was for playdoh with food coloring, the other koolaid one. Both I had found on Pinterest.

  Both recipes called for the same amount of flour, water, salt, and oil…. but one recipe called for 2 tsp cream of tarter, and the other 2 TBLS …  so … with Kaedyn’s (he used invisible Watermelon Kiwi koolaid, smells so good, and we added neon green food coloring and then added some reg green too) I put 2 TBLS in this one of Cream of Tartor in …  Dennis didn’t cook it long enough - and I forgot the oil, so we ended up using a lot of flour after to dry it out because it came out super wet and super sticky.  Whoops.  But we fixed it.  Nathan’s turned out perfect, he used Blue Raspberry Lemonade koolaid and added some blue food coloring.   I remembered the oil, Dennis cooked it until it was in a ball pretty much, and had used 4 tsp of Cream of Tartor.  It turned out perfect!  Noah’s was Cherry koolaid, used 4 tsp of Cream of Tartor again, extra red food coloring so I added a little bit more flour again - maybe 3-4 tablespoons worth of extra flour ….  and his came out a little wet too, so we used a little bit of flour again while we kneaded it to dry it out.   So this is our recipe … 


* 1 cup flour (may need extra flour) 

* 1 cup water (we used warm water) 

* 1/4 cup salt

* 4 tsp Cream of Tartor

* 2 packages of koolaid

* food coloring for color adjustment 

* 1 TBLS oil

Mix all the ingredients except the oil.  That is added last, right before cooking.  Put all the ingredients into a sauce pan and give it a good stir.  Add food coloring if you want a color adjustment (darker, different, whatever, have fun) …..  IF you add food coloring (and more than four drops) I would add a little more flour to help take care of the extra wet you put in.  We used 10-15 + drops in the blue and the red, and added 3-5 tablespoons of flour.  Use your discretion. (about the same amount you would sprinkle on dough if you were kneading it for bread, you can always add more later)    

After things are pretty well combined - I added the oil and then stirred it a few times, then took it to the stove.  

Over medium heat - stirring constantly for about 3-5 minutes, until the playdoh forms into a ball.  You will see the playdoh start getting thicker as it balls up a bit here and there, and you need to watch the bottom of the pan to make sure you are clearing the playdoh off that too, to make sure it doesn’t burn.  

When it is forming into a soft ball, dump it out onto a clean surface and let it cool for a minute or so.  Then knead it out until it’s soft.  If it starts sticking to your hands, sprinkle out some flour as you are needing it, and knead it into the playdoh until it’s dry and not sticky.  It’ll be a softer version of the store bought stuff.  

Store it in ziplocs or air tight containers.  

*Reblogging with  more pictures* Re-read it, the spelling mistakes are KILLING me! *